Recent Work

 Here are some recent pieces of work of animation, drawings and sketchbook.

Latest character design based on a guy that got stuck in my head who I saw while driving.

Sample finished storyboard for animation with script and animation direction notes.

Sample 2:

Digital animation test drawn frame by frame in Photoshop and edited in After Effects. This concept came from the constant exposure of recycled news and junk from media and social networks. Let's call it 'Media Vomit'.

Jambas Dodge is an Android and iOS game I worked on. It features this little dinosaur which I designed, modelled and animated, trying to avoid the bouncing balls. You can check out the game here for Android and here for iOS.

Below is a wedding animation I created, which was screened during the wedding reception. The script/plot was given to me roughly by the bride, and I simplified to this, otherwise it would have been one loooong reception.

A small animation gif taken out of a larger story sequence - it was for a wedding proposal.


I have been storyboarding in Adobe Illustrator quite a lot the past year as a freelancer, but due to non-disclosure agreements I cannot post most of these. All I can say is that the style varies between RSA Animations and more graphic style like on my Freelance page. Some of the storyboards were for Tesco, Henkel, Peaceplayers, Skill Pill, BDO, ICMM and more.

The way the storyboards are done, since they are intended for animation in After Effects, firstly I sketch them up on draft paper and then I draw them up in Adobe Illustrator in vector form. This way the actual storyboard can be broken down into assets and those actual drawings can be used in After Effects for animation. For examples of these drawings head over to my Freelance page.

Character Modelling and Rigging for a mobile game - also designed by me:

Land and Roll:

Pole climb:



 Mocap - Fight:

Dialogue (extract from longer dialogue):

Character design (photoshop):

Self-portrait with indian ink:

Portrait with chalk pastels

Congrats Card for Mum (photoshop)

Baby Sketch with funny hair (photoshop)

Storyboard for an ongoing project about a little Tuna seeking help and the team of scientist who help him.

And some concept art for the project. It will be 2D drawn in Photoshop and Illustrator and composited and edited in After Effects

A freelance project done in Illustrator for a practising hypno-therapist.

Test for RSA style animation:

Extract from storyboard done as a freelance project:

Moom trying to escape!

Playblast of angry Moom:

 Playblast of a simple walk cycle of happy Moom:

These are a few random drawings I have done lately:

Self-portrait - digital drawing in Photoshop

Self-portrait Vector in Illustrator

Detective - digital drawing in Photoshop

Guarding the Mountain- digital drawing in Photoshop

And some sketchbooks extracts: