Freelance work that I have done either alone or in collaboration with others.

Storyboards for Zedem Media

Doodle Vector Storyboard for the Gridlock Campaign - The FSI
(a UK organisation that helps charities).
Drawn in vectors in Adobe Illustrator and animated in After Effects.

Interpersonal Conflicts / Διαπροσωπικές Διαμάχες Storyboard and Animation
I created the storyboard and animation for this empowering script of how to resolve issues in the workplace.(it's in Greek)
I used Adobe Illustrator to create the storyboard and Adobe After Effects for the animation.

Power of sports stroryboard -
I designed the storyboard and gave directions as to how the animations would be carried out in this conflict resolution script through the power of sport. I used Adobe Illustrator.
(Ctrl + Left Mouse Button) Click HERE for the animation

Character Design for IdentCharacter for Ident for One and a Half Productions:

Villa Emba Crew Promos, Designs and Mascot
Villa Emba Crew organizes parties and events.


A few logo designs done for a Summer Vibes which are a party group, which an auction site, and TASI which stands for Technological Airport Security Innovation. Yiap Yiap Productions is for my personal work.

Cartoons for Wester Eye (University Newspaper)